May 2018 Progress Report

Had some days off over the long weekend. I had some motivation issues, but ultimately I got a fair bit done.

  • I am just continually reminded how much I hate front-end development. JavaScript is such a hideous language! And the front-end space is just always moving forward and breaking things. After this weekend’s frustrations, I’ve decided to leave the front end for a while yet. I’ll focus on the API and get that working first.

    If any front-end developers can hear me and are interested in tackling this project, let me know. The existing front-end code is on GitHub (see the sidebar).

  • I finally got an AWS database running and have the API talking to it. There are still performance issues to work out, but we’ll get there.

  • Profile creation is now working in the test environment. I’m getting an odd error in production that I’m tracking down, but I ran out of time.

  • I’m also workshopping the terms of service and privacy policy. Any feedback welcome.