February 2019 Progress Report

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Rendering Library

The rendering library reached a minimally viable state this month, resulting in a v0.1.0 release!

To minimize network traffic and storage space, and to afford maximum flexibility, the back end produces representations of game state in JSON, which must follow a specific schema. Here’s an initial Ithaka board, for example:

   "board": {
      "style": "squares-checkered",
      "width": 4,
      "height": 4
   "legend": {
      "B": {
         "name": "piece",
         "colour": 2
      "G": {
         "name": "piece",
         "colour": 3
      "R": {
         "name": "piece",
         "colour": 1
      "Y": {
         "name": "piece",
         "colour": 4
   "pieces": "BBGG\nB--G\nY--R\nYYRR"

The front end can then render that based on individual user preferences. The system has 10 built-in colours, 4 colour-blind-friendly colours, and 10 black-and-white patterns, all of which can be customized.

Standard Colours

Ithaka board using standard colours

Colour-Blind-Friendly Colours

Ithaka board using colour-blind-friendly colours


Ithaka board using patterns

The renderer is not yet complete. As more games get added to the system, I’ll expand the renderer to support them.

Front End

This is the part that will turn my hair even whiter. Front-end development is a crowded, fast-moving field. It is taking hours to get very basic things working. But progress is happening. The internationalization framework is working, as is authentication. I’m still wrapping my head around the ins and outs of Relay Modern, but the front end is indeed able to communicate with the back end. So this is very good news.

Next Steps

There’s still a lot of front-end work to do. Once it can interact with all the currently implemented features of the back end (profile management, challenge management, game interaction), then I’ll start the cycle again: working on the back end to add more functionality and games, then work my way back to the front end to support them.

Talk again soon!