SDG 2.0 is coming…eventually!

1 minute read

I have been granted professional development time every month to work on redesigning my pet project Super Duper Games (SDG)! I cannot express how excited I am about this! Having a guaranteed minimum amount of development time means that it is finally going to happen.

Here’s the plan:

  • One of the conditions of this development time is monthly reporting. These reports will be delivered publicly via this blog.
  • Design specs and other documentation will be posted to the development wiki.
  • The one or two people that have been interested in front-end programming will be relieved to know that my work will not invalidate theirs. It will ultimately make their job easier. The redesign will also make it easier to develop your own game implementations for the site.
  • The scope of the project is the complete infrastructure plus 10 of the most popular games from the old SDG. I have no intention of stopping there, but the project needs some sort of defined scope, so there it is. An assessment of those most popular games and a determination of which are the most realistic for implementation in this first pass will appear on the wiki.
  • To avoid any collision with the existing SDG, I’m moving to a new URL, which I prefer anyway. I expect to keep the original SDG up until I migrate all the games I want. Eventually, though, I anticipate shutting down the old SDG and redirecting the old URL to the new.

Super Duper Games still welcomes 50–100 registered users a week, and I am ever grateful to everyone past and present who have supported SDG over the years (since 2005). I hope that this change will not only satisfy existing players but will expand the player base even further.

I’m not opening comments on the blog for many reasons, but the sidebar links to the SDG Google group, where I encourage discussion and questions. I can’t wait to share this process with you all.