Getting started

This article helps you get started with Abstract Play.

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Abstract Play is pretty simple to use, but maybe you just want a hand getting started. Look no further.

Account Creation

Authentication is handled by Amazon Cognito. That means that your personal information is managed in the most compartmentalized and safe way. The only information stored by Abstract Play itself is the optional profile information you may choose to create.

Your display name can be different from the username you use to log in and can contain Unicode characters.

Setting your account as anonymous lets you enjoy the site without creating any historical footprint. When you complete an anonymous game, the game record will not be associated with your user id. There are a few caveats:

  • You are not able to chat while anonymous.
  • Anonymous players cannot be rated, and therefore cannot participate in rated games or tournaments.
  • Changing your anonymity setting after a game has started has no effect on that game.
  • There is no way to associate an anonymous game record with a player after the fact.

Accepting Existing Challenges

Issuing Your Own Challenges