Privacy Policy

We are Internet users too and pledge to hold your information with the same respect we wish ours was. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at

To use our services you will be required to consent to our use of your data as outlined in this policy. You can withdraw your consent at any time by deleting your account.

What do we know about you?

  • Our servers track basic information as you use our services (known as “access logs”), including what you asked for, when you asked for it, what browser you used, and your IP address. This information is not combined with account information and is used for basic analytics and resource planning. These records are retained indefinitely.
  • The system logs what users do on the service (when they log in, what games they played, etc.; called an “audit log”). This helps us detect and prevent abuse and helps us better understand how to improve the site. These records may be retained for the life of the account.
  • If you create an account using a third-party service (like Google or Facebook), then we will have access to basic profile information (different for each service). We don’t have a choice in this. If it were up to us, all we’d want is the email address for notifications (opt in), but these services offer up much more. This site is not supported by advertising. We don’t sell or distribute any of this profile information.
  • We will of course have access to any data you provide in your profile (country, display name, etc.).
  • In-game chat logs are public and visible to all as long as the game is available. Chat logs are not part of the permanent game record.
  • Each and every game played is recorded and published to the permanent game record.

Who do we share this information with?

We do not share or sell your personal information except as outlined below:

  • We rely on the following third-parties to deliver our services and process your data:
    • Amazon Web Services (the vast majority of our services)
    • Nearly Free Speech (development blog and wiki)
  • The permanent game records are made publicly available, but they only refer to your given player ID number. They do not contain your display name or any other personally identifiable information.

What if I want to be anonymous or forgotten?

You can set your profile to “anonymous.” You will still be able to fully participate in the site, but there will be no public indication of who you are (for example, your display name will not appear, nor will you appear in any leaderboards). You can change this setting as often as you like, but when you switch from anonymous to visible, all the games you played while anonymous will be attributed to you.

If you wish to completely dissociate yourself from your Abstract Play player account, or if you wish to revoke your consent for us to process your data, you may delete your account.

  • This step is irreversible. There is no way whatsoever to regain ownership of that player ID and its games. If you choose to rejoin, you will be assigned a new player ID.
  • This does not affect access logs (see above). These are not tied to a player account and cannot be purged. But also, the logged IP address cannot be tied to you.
  • All audit log entries (see above) related to your player account will be purged.
  • All profile information (including display name) will be purged.
  • No game records will be affected. Game records only refer to the completely separate player ID number. Once the owner account is deleted, there will be no way of tying that player ID to a specific person.

Important caveat: Abstract Play has no control over search engines, archives, or any other entity who may crawl and archive publicly available websites! Just because you hide or delete your Abstract Play account does not mean that previously obtained data will be updated. If after hiding or deleting your account you still find personal information in such archival repositories, please contact them to resolve the issue. There is nothing Abstract Play can do.

How will I know if you change this policy?

Any substantive changes will be announced on the “Announcements” section of the website.